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  • An Interesting Procession

    As we walk along the garden, or even at home, we often see ants scurrying busily along. We, preoccupied with our own concerns, only take care that the ants don’t get into our food! But the ants are very interesting indeed, if one takes the time to observe them.  One kind of ant which we […]

    Ants are found almost everywhere on the planet. The only areas that don’t boast populations of ants are Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland, and some island nations. Most species live in soil, leaf litter, or decaying plants.
  • No One Understand This

    ☺Helping someone Please stay for them , don’t think if that help reward back or not🙏

    😊The one person who slove the all your problems, please value for this type of person and give respect 🥰

    🙂don’t expect someone they fulfill or not , we loose our hope, so simple don’t expect someone🥰🥰

    Now in hindi

    😏Ye mosum khub alag hai, ye hawa bhi hamari nhi .🤔 “kyu khudko dhokha dena ki kisike dil me kuch hmara hai, such me vo hamara nhi bas vo khub rulata hai “. 🥺

    Kuch log jante to hai fir bhi na jan neka dhong krte hai ye duniya me matlab kam aata hai fir vo saga ho ya paraya

  • Beauty on point of view

    Start smiling is the most high level of positive energy filled who actually needed.

    One small help is reward back some impossible task.

    Keep smiling is big courage you have something you do it greatly

  • We are a very lucky who have parents

    करो मा-बाप की कदर , वे मोम की तरहा है

    मान बढाओ अपने पहले गुरु का , वे मोम की तरहा है

    आज हम बेपरवाह़ है कयो कि , वे मोम की तरहा है

    अपने नूशखे का लेप हमे लगा कर , वे मोम की तरहा है

    खूद भूखे रहकर , वे मोम की तरहा है

    जागो बच्चो , वे मोम की तरहा है

    पापा का मतलब सबका खयाल करना,
    खूदसे पहले सबका सोचे वही पापा है
    पापा का मतलब सबको साथ रखना,
    पापा का लाड सोते वक्त ओर मुशकीलो मे दीखता है